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Viki Core API

We created a great technology. Now available to all Developers as a Semantic Analysis API.

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Viki Sentiment

Measure your success.

Social Media Monitoring.

Viki Sentiment

Viki Server

Content Power. Semantic Indexing

Viki Server


Read more about VIKI technology and its powerful functions.

Viki Technology

Language technology and semantic analysis

Our semantic analysis software enable machines to understand meanings from natural language unstructured data (conversations, emails, etc.), thanks to our cutting-edge NLP semantic technology named VI.K.I.

We provide solutions for conversational technology, business analytics, marketing insights and social media analysis, search & indexing, social robotics.

As a Technology Provider, you can use our semantic technology through VIKI Semantic Analysis API: embed the power of a semantic analysis engine into your solutions.



Unstructured Data

90% of World data is made of unstructured information.


Productivity increase

In companies that manage unstructured data efficiently.


New Software

Will use natural languages to interact with humans.


Sales increase

In companies that use Marketing Analytics and Social Media Monitoring.



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