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Software Evolution powers up Data Processing with release of VIKI CORE 1.2

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Software Evolution powers up Data Processing with release of VIKI CORE 1.2

Software Evolution powers up Data Processing with release of VIKI CORE 1.2

NAPLES, Italy, Dec. 11, 2013 - Software Evolution today announced VIKI CORE 1.2, the newest version of its core technology, which offers several improvements on speed and accuracy, for semantic text analysis and information extraction.

The enhancements in VIKI CORE 1.2 increase effectiveness and lower times when processing text.

"Many companies now are seeing much of their business value pass through the management of unstructured data" said Marco Finizio, chief executive officer of Software Evolution. "From marketing analysis to smart command recognition, there is a growing demand of high-end semantic technologies that can do the magic in understanding what humans say in their conversations or documents."

VIKI CORE 1.2 Api is the service for all ICT integrators. VIKI technology extracts meaning from human information, such as text, emails, documents or conversations. This means that VIKI CORE can automatically identify patterns in communications as well as classify text and analyze social media traffic. Possibilities are endless, and our customers and integrators are great in finding new ways of applying VIKI technology.

Major improvements in this release include:

- 5% speed boost over previous release in processing small chunks of text (example: tweets)

- 7% speed boost over previous release in processing big volumes of text

- Increased accuracy in attribute recognition and graph building from logical and semantic analysis

Additional information about VIKI CORE 1.2 is available at

About Software Evolution

Software Evolution is a technology provider in software that processes unstructured human information, including social media, email, text, web pages, and more. Using Software Evolution’s information management and analytics technologies, organizations can extract meaning in real time from data in virtually any format or language, including structured data. A range of market solutions and products help organizations drive greater value through information analytics, sentiment analysis, indexing, enterprise content management, data processing, and marketing optimization.

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