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Alfresco - VIKI Integration: A Semantic Content Management System

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Alfresco - VIKI Integration: A Semantic Content Management System

The VI.K.I. Technology

Software Evolution focused its Core Business on language and semantic technology, creating a semantic software platform that understands natural language, identifies the right meanings of texts and categorizes the extracted knowledge into structured data.

VIKI Technology performs extraction, normalization, indexing and transformation of the text within documents, articles, web sources, emails, logs etc. The resulting structured data allows users to find desired information in an efficient and accurate way. The product from SWE dedicated to Content Power is V.I.K.I. Server.

Thanks to VIKI Server, Software Evolution customers take full advantage of Meaning Based Computing: the disambiguation process grants that every concept found in the text is associated to a unique key (Concept ID) of the universal ontology or specific ontologies that constitute the system's core. The keyword and its associated concept are indexed and archived, together with additional information regarding the phrase and the relations between the elements of the phrase (Subject - Action - Object). Additionally, VIKI automatically tags the relevant entities mentioned in the text (persons, companies, events, places. etc.).

Alfresco: an Open Source ECMS

Alfresco is an enterprise content platform that you can use in the cloud or behind your firewall. It helps you store and share the documents that every business depends on. For more info

A Semantic Content Management System

Software Evolution developed a full integration between the two products Alfresco and VIKI, thus creating a semantic document management system with advanced text mining and automatic entity extraction.

The real challenge was to find a deep integration that could handle the whole document and knowledge lifecycle in a typical mid-sized enterprise. This integration Alfresco-VIKI has been achieved using the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) protocol, an integration standard widely used among document management systems.

The Integration

The CMIS protocol supports Atom, SOAP and REST both in reading and writing. Through web services, the two products share the whole repository tree and access the documents inside. VIKI SERVER uses CMIS to perform its operazions such as extraction, automatic tagging and metadata generation directly into the Alfresco core system.


Different Software Evolution Customers benefit of such a powerful integration, with a platform able to:

  • Automatically tag entities inside text, with language normalization and semantic disambiguation
  • Automatically categorize documents and emails respect to a taxonomy tree defined by the user
  • Define a series of rules and workflows to route information,
  • Automatically enrich documents with necessary metadata (fields of an invoice, of a payment, etc.)
  • Clustering: automatic generation of summaries and briefs from several documents about a common argument
  • Perform semantic searches with higher recall quality and precision


Recent studies showed that a typical employee wastes more that 40% of its working time in searching and routing of documents and emails. Even worse, it is common that employees spend time to rewrite documents and emails that already exist in the system.

Thanks to Alfresco-VIKI system, complex databases and unstructured data will be handled efficiently, gaining real advantage and a productivity boost. The advanced features for knowledge extraction and management can be applied to almost every sector or market.

Some examples:

  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Accounting / Administration
  • R & D
  • B2B and B2C
  • Engineering
  • IT


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