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Importance of crawling and structured web data

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Importance of crawling and structured web data

Crawled web data is a critical component for a growing variety of business needs and enterprises. Big Data: The web stores petabytes of data, most of them in form of unstructured/natural language data: transforming that data into usable information and knowledge presents complex challenges. VIKI SERVER automatically extracts structured web data from a multitude of fragmented sources, delivering enterprise class web data at scale.

Acquiring web data and processing it into a machine readable format presents a growing technological challenge. It requires heavy investments in computing resources and software development to deliver a data crawling and structuring solution at scale. Companies trying to build a proprietary web crawling technology quickly discover the challenge is several orders of magnitude larger than they had originally anticipated.

SWE products and crawling solutions, based on VIKI Technology, deliver ready-to-use platforms anyone can use to search, analyze and monitor web sources. With Viki Sentiment platform, we crawl and index regularly updated web content emphasizing blogs, news articles, and online discussions such as comments, reviews and message boards. Our proprietary crawlers index millions of web pages daily, using semantic analysis technology, so that raw data become structured, enriched and meaningful. Such great technology and expertise is available to our customers using both Viki Sentiment subscriptions / api, or purchasing Viki Server on-premises license.



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