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VIKI Technology to power next-gen wearable devices and IoT Appliances

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VIKI Technology to power next-gen wearable devices and IoT Appliances

VIKI Technology to power next-gen wearable devices and IoT Appliances

Millions of people talk to machines everyday, whether it is to get customer support, find a neighborhood restaurant, make an appointment in their calendar, or search the Web. But there is a high demand of improved AI and better "human-like" interaction.

Creating Smarter VPA (Virtual Private Assistant)

Have you ever launched SIRI or Google Now just to have a friendly chat, or to inform them about a personal fact? Of course not. Why this? Because they are stupid, and you would consider yourself a stupid in talking in such a way to a machine.

This is because current top-level VPAs are built to be command executors. They are great in executing your commands, but this is their purpose, nothing more.

The Conversational Technology opens new ways of interacting with machines, as well as new applications or functionalities that go far ahead the mere command execution task. This can be done thanks to features such as:

  • Self learning capabilities,
  • Advanced vocal interaction,
  • Different emotional states that implies different responses (like humans!)

You might be thinking that all these wonderful features exist only in sci-fi movies, but, even if we still haven't a complete HAL9000 series computer, we are on the right way to build one...

Viki Semantic Technology for VPA and Human-like Machines

Here at Software Evolution, we spend much of our efforts to costantly enhance our Core technology, see VIKI CORE, to find exciting new applications and markets. With the brand new engine version, the first complete semantic analysis engine to run completely on mobile, we are creating incredible new applications that can be applied to wearable devices or smart appliances for the Internet of Things.

See the following video sample that demonstrates some cool features that can be achieved by using Viki technology:

In this video the software:

  • Recognizes the talker and saves everything is said, when is said.
  • Everything is saved as knowledge facts (i.e. concepts, relations and predicates), so everything becomes new data
  • Can be queried about facts or definitions
  • Can learn from new assertions
  • Checks validity of new assertions

About Software Evolution

Software Evolution helps organizations all over the world to manage unstructured information using meaning based computing, and draw real business value from that meaning.




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