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meaning based computing

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The VI.K.I. Technology

Software Evolution focused its Core Business on language and semantic technology, creating a semantic software platform that understands natural language, identifies the right meanings of texts and categorizes the extracted knowledge into structured data.

VIKI Technology performs extraction, normalization, indexing and transformation of the text within documents, articles, web sources, emails, logs etc. The resulting structured data allows users to find desired information in an efficient and accurate way. The product from SWE dedicated to Content Power is V.I.K.I. Server.


Viki Sentiment, the most important Software Evolution technology, uses the potential of linguistic and semantic analysis to provide companies focused and update solutions.
The site is made up of clear and detailed sections describing the web service and its benefits.
In addition, if you fill in the provided form you can request an account and start using the service immediately.
To ensure greater interaction with the web, there is a blog which contains all the news and information about Viki Sentiment and markets it will be used in.


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