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About SWE - Software Evolution

Software Evolution is a company specialized in developing natural language analysis software


viki technology

Software Evolution helps organizations all over the world to manage unstructured information using meaning based computing, and draw real business value from that meaning.

From CEO

marco finizio"The success of a company depends on leadership, focus, execution, and, mostly, on great products and services.

In 2011 I had the intuition that the natural interaction between humans and machines would have been the next big evolution in the IT. And which is more natural than our language? Today, the creation of smarter automata is a reality,the evolution is already started and we believe in it."

Marco Finizio, SWE

SWE Background


Founded in 2011 by a group of IT experts, SWE is located in Naples (Italy) with main offices and laboratories, and in Venice (Italy) with Sales and Support Offices.
Customer Satisfaction, special attention to evolution of software technologies and a high skilled internal team are the key factor that allowed SWE to grow and be appreciated on the markets.

Company main business is based on a semantic technology named VI.K.I. (Virtual Knowledge Intelligence), developed by SWE. By using this technology, SWE Customers can address today's specific problems such as BIG DATA and data extraction from unstructured sources (text, documents, web, social).

Markets and Solutions


From semantic technology that help IT companies offer superior features to their customers, to marketing solutions that unleash all the power of web 3.0, sentiment analysis and brand reputation, to customer care automatic assistant that reduces inbound workload and improves productivity, our priority is creating products and solutions to let computers understand human languages and interact with people. That's what has made us a leading technology provider for text analysis around the world.

Software Evolution is able to create key services for its Customers thanks to a deep understanding of their markets and needs.

Our Values


An exceptional blend of people, passion, experience and expertise. Company Know-how, intended as all the experiences and knowledges together as a whole, is our main strength: in SWE the constant improvement of tools and knowledge needed to develop our software and services is of primary importance. The resources and effort that we spend every year in Research & Develop are the demonstration of the importance of the technology evolution among us: as a result, our Customers, thanks to our solutions, can gain a real competitive advantage and an easier way to success.



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