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VIKI Core API - semantic analysis api


VI.K.I. Core Semantic API: make sense of human languages in your applications.

Powerful semantic analysis software that you can use to create fantastic solutions.



In the era of BIG DATA, of advanced data sharing, of Social Network, of "Content Oriented" business, the creation of applications that are able to extract and understand information from text, dialogs or comments, is fundamental.
If you need to enhance or create new applications that can recognize and manage the meaning of information, VIKI CORE is the right semantic analysis API for you.



VI.K.I. Core is a semantic software engine for Text Analysis that extracts and understand information from natural language, using to a mix of NLP and semantic analysis. The engine output is easy to integrate into your applications thanks to easy-to-use API in XML and JSON. The results of analysis contain:

  • Entities and arguments mentioned in the text,
  • Domains, categories and classification
  • Actions: what's happening
  • Relations between entities
  • Language details (period grouping and classification)


Text Summaries

Automatically generates brief from text, by shortening sentences and grouping the most significant information depending on context.

Categorization by Topic

Categorize text from topics with percentage of adherence (example: Sports 60%). Useful for automatic organization or for generating rankings by topics.

Language Detection

Automatically detects the language of the text provided as input, by analyzing words and context (example: English, Italian, etc.).

Entity Extraction

Automatically identify, disambiguate, normalize and extract the required entities from text (people, companies, places, events, etc.).

Keyword Extraction

Extract only the relevant keywords from text, with normalization and base lemma, removing stopwords and unuseful characters (ex: punctuation). Support for composite words.

SAO Triplets Extraction

SAO (Subject-Action-Object) are semantic relations that identify the Subject (S) that performs an Action (A) over an Object (O). Further relations include temporality, location, etc.

Sentiment Analysis

Rank text and its concepts with a neutral, positive or negative value depending on context and semantic relations. Useful in different scenarios such as Social Media Analysis

Dynamic Ontologies

The engine can acquire new concepts, semantic relations or lemmas at runtime. An SDK for ontology manipulation is available. Useful for creating self-learning agents.


VI.K.I. Core semantic analysis api is available in two versions, Light and Standard. A powerful SDK add-on is available to allow a complete management of custom ontologies. The table on the right shows the available features for each version.

The Standard version includes a complete set of functions for text analysis and semantic disambiguation, including relations between entities, action tagging with evidence of subject and object (triple-n). It returns the most complete output from the engine, with a powerful semantic data model, concept tagging with disambiguation.

The Light version, starting from € 29,90, is the easiest way to integrate useful functions into your applications. It includes only functions that return scalar values such as integers or strings. Functions include Sentiment Analysislanguage detection, Keyword Extraction, and others.

The SDK add-on includes features that allow to manage one or multiple custom ontologies through API calls on the fly. The SDK enables the insert, modify and delete for concepts, relations and attributes within an ontology, and includes support for mapping features between concepts and language dictionaries.

Semantic Analysis API: Supported Languages

Supported languages include: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch. More languages to come.

Version Light Standard SDK
Keyword Extraction Yes Yes  
Sentiment Analysis Yes Yes  
What is Yes Yes  
Topic Classification Yes Yes  
Detect Language Yes Yes  
SAO Triplets (ProcessText function) No Yes  
Semantic Data Model & Disambiguation (ProcessText function) No Yes  
Is SubClass No Yes  
Summary Generator No Yes  
Dynamic Ontology Management No No Yes
Semantic Network Queries No No Yes

Created for Developers and System Integrators

VI.K.I. Core semantic analysis api can be used either in Saas (Software as a Service), by connecting to our servers using an API Key, or can be installed in-house on Customer server machine.

  • Indexing Services

  • Command Recognition

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Big Data Processing

  • Document Management

  • Analytics and Intelligence

  • On-Premises

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Client Redistribution

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