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VI.K.I ETL Discovery: Extraction & Transformation of strategic information.

VIKI DISCOVERY is a semantic ETL software (extraction, transformation, loading).

VI.K.I. Discovery automatically locates information and entities within natural language texts, extracting and transforming them from documents or various data sources.

VI.K.I. Discovery identifies and extracts all "interesting" entities: proper nouns, companies, products, places, events, numbers. Such entities are then being transformed into structured data, in order to be exported or processed by other systems.

Features at a glance:

  • Language and Semantic Analysis: the software understands the correct meaning of texts, relating each word to its right meaning.
  • Entity Extraction: locates business-strategic entities and relations
  • Normalization: fixes language errors and wrong formats, with a resulting output much more clean and standardized.
  • Easy Integration: thanks to its adherence to modern communication standards (XML, Web Services), it is easily embeddable into whatever architecture or data center.

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