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VIKI SENTIMENT -Sentiment Analysis and Listening platform

viki sentiment screen

VI.K.I Sentiment: We measure your success.

Automatic sentiment analysis and brand reputation.


How much popularity has my company on the web? How is it positioned respect to my competitors? Are my products appreciated? What unliked? What customers say about my services? Is the reputation of my company raised or lowered during last year?

VI.K.I. Sentiment is the platform that answers to all those questions and more. Thanks to the automatic meaning recognition and web sentiment analysis, VIKI Sentiment can analyze and monitor a wide range of web sources in the short, medium and long period: blogs, social networks, specialized web sites, press and news, competitors.

The integrated tools for analysis and Insight (business analytics) provide an accurate overview of your reputation: you can define new views, reports and charts interactively, observe their evolution during time, benchmark results.

VI.K.I. Sentiment if the first integrated tool that includes both quantitative (how much I have been mentioned) and qualitative analysis (positive or negative reputation).

Our NLP (Natural Language Processing) and semantic algorithms for meaning computing reach higher levels of precision and accuracy respect to traditional tecniques keyword-based (example. "Hotel Roma" vs. "Hotel in Roma").


Examples of comments extracted from a web page


Features at a glance:

  • Automatic monitoring and analysis of web sources in natural language (english, italian, spanish, etc.)
  • Automatic evaluation of "sentiment" about a product, service, company, person,
  • Wide support for reading blogs, social networks, RSS feed, press agencies,
  • Powerful visual tools for analysis and inspection,
  • Available as a web application or Saas (Software as a Service)

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