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Power up your Company or Site with semantic indexing, search and classification.

VIKI SERVER is a semantic engine that indexes concepts and meanings of the words within your documents

Languages supported: English, Italian, Spanish


VI.K.I. Server is a software engine for searching, navigation, classification and tagging. It extracts, analyzes and stores all the information from your documents or web sites using their conceptual meaning within phrases. Simple to integrate and customize, VIKI SERVER powers the "Meaning Oriented" web applications, improves and automates the document classification, provides search results with a high recall quality.


Intranet / Document and Record Management Applications: semantic indexing, categorization, automatic tagging of documents using a meaning approach, with a customer defined taxonomy.

ECMS Applications and Portals (Enterprise Content Management System) such as Sharepoint, Alfresco, Liferay or similar. VIKI SERVER will provide a higher quality and efficiency in searching and management of documents, activities, emails, speeding up automation and content extraction.

Web Sites and CMS: VIKI SERVER will provide more content power and a semantic search with higher recall quality, managing the relationships between entities (persons, organizations, locations, etc.), connecting the right content based on the right meaning. VIKI SERVER is the perfect companion for high-volumes web sites (tourism, news, governance, etc.).




  • Hyperlinking
  • Categorization and Classification respect to custom taxonomies or domains
  • Clustering
  • Search and extraction respect to conceptual classes or relations between them
  • query engine in natural language


  • Support for a wide range of file formats, DBMS, web sources for indexing.
  • Scalable: the internal architecture can scale up to increase computational power depending on work load.
  • High Quality of Recall and Precision, thanks to language and semantic engine.
  • Customizable: it is possible to define custom taxonomies and ontologies.
  • Simple integration with document management systems or CMS
  • Multilanguage: actually featuring English, Italian and Spanish language.
  • Available also as an embedded appliance version, see VIKI BOX

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