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Conversational Technology

Conversational Technology in Star Trek

Conversational Technology:

Let Machines understand Humans.

Speech recognition is something magical when bundled with artificial intelligence. That's why we spend efforts to create machines that can understand humans, using VIKI Technology.

Millions of people talk to machines everyday, whether it is to get customer support, find a neighborhood restaurant, make an appointment in their calendar, or search the Web. But now, we can push these machines one step ahead, providing them a superior intelligence: this is what we call the Conversational Technology.

From recognizing to understanding

When we first approached the building of smart software agents, we quickly realized that we have a huge potential in our hands: the capability for our software to understand the meaning of what you say.

There is a distinction between recognition, which is the mere transcription of the spoken words, and understanding, which is the extraction, representation and manipulation of the meaning.

The VIKI advantage

By using the VIKI Core technology, our developers and our customers can create incredible smart agents with a few lines of code. This is done thanks to the meaning based computing: basically, if your software agent must catch a command, you just have to check if the VIKI output contains that specific concept within the actions. No worry about language variations, synonyms, even different languages: your trigger concept will always be unique.

Let's explain this with an example:


In this example, the only effort for the developer to catch and trigger the "rent-a-car command/service" is to look for the RENT CONCEPT and CAR CONCEPT within VIKI output. Then, the software will work with whatever combination of lemmas, languages and synonyms, such as "Hello, I'm in Los Angeles, can I take a car?"

Commands are ok, but what about knowledge memory?

Conversational Technology is much smarter thanks to VIKI: the possibility to enrich knowledge within the ontologies at runtime is a great plus. This means that you can build agents that learn from everyday conversations: facts, assertions, new definitions.. possibilities are endless!

What if you can query your software assistant about real facts that occurred in the past? For example "Do you remember last time I was in New York?" or "What's the name of Jason's sister?".

How to integrate VIKI Core to create smart agents and assistants

VIKI Core can be used as Service API, see VIKI CORE Api for details, or it can be embedded as a library. Supported platforms include: MS Windows, Linux, and recently, Android and IOS too.

Possible markets and applications for Conversational Technology

You can apply Conversational Technology solutions to:

  • create virtual agents / assistants to interact with humans in a smarter way by learning new knowledge and facts
  • Social Robotics: when Conversational Technology and Robotics converge into great products
  • Enhance your IoT (Internet of Things) products
  • Create pre-sales, post-sales, or technical support automatic responders




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