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Knowledge Management, MRP, Information Management.

In a volatile financial situation world-wide, manufacturing companies today have to deal with strong competitors, demanding customers, troubling budgets.

New technologies and the new multi channel approaches, namely the proliferation of communication channels between customers and providers, introduced more complexity in the control and understanding of purchasing behaviors of customers.

To mantain a competitive advantage in such complex markets, manufacturers have to equip with new tools that allow a more efficient management of strategic information, a significant cost reduction, an improvement in the understanding of the market, of the products, of customers, of competitors.

VI.K.I. Technology from Software Evolution, meaning based (Meaning Based Computing), allows manufacturers to manage those challenges with success, improving the whole production and sales cycle, thanks to an accurate understanding of customers and a reduction of costs due to information overhead.

Meaning Based Marketing

VI.K.I. solutions for strategic marketing allow to monitor, analyze and understand accurately the market, customers, post-sales feedbacks, generally they measure the "sentiment" of the product or service.

Thanks to the natural language understaning, it is possible to analyze in a few seconds thousands of comments from a website or blog, monitoring the likeliness of the product. Possibilities are endless!

Main features and advantages:

  •  Analytic Reports and graphic dashboards give a quick look on the marketing and sentiment trends
  •  Possibility to feed the system with user defined sources
  •  Possibility to track competitors products and create comparisons over time.

Further information on VIKI Sentiment here.


Knowledge Management and Collaboration

VI.K.I. technology is a revolution for team work and dramatically improves the information sharing and collaboration. Reducing costs by optimizing information access, manufacturing companies improve efficiency and profit.

VI.K.I. improves interaction between offices and departments, allowing an easy share of information, improving access to resources, centralizing the main company knowledge assets:

  •  Automation of company processes and workflows
  •  A collaborative work environment and centralized point of access for enterprise document management
  •  Automatically categorizes documents and enrich them with metadata and tags



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