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Media & Advertising

Organization, extraction and accessibility of strategic information.

The challenge: Companies working in media, news and advertising sectors have to deal with a huge information overhead, often from unstructured data, coming from different channels, managed by different departments, saved into different locations, and so on.

Without a centralized and collaborative information management, those companies suffer an efficiency gap which is exponential respect to the data volumes they manage. Even worst, if they increase the work team, this entropy also increases, instead of lowering.

VI.K.I. technology from Software Evolution, meaning based (Meaning Based Computing), provides a centralized and collaborative approach to the information management. Furthermore, data is being indexed and categorized automatically depending on the content's meaning, even if data is unstructured such as email, news feed, documents, web pages, blog.

Semantich search and categorization, automatic tagging of entities, the powerful marketing tools for sentiment tracking, the collaboration tools for teamworks, are the key features that VIKI offers to media companies.


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