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Meaning Based Computing

If information is power, we give you the right tools to handle it


Meaning Based Computing allows to manage information at a higher level: the meaning level

In a world that produces a huge amount of information, it is easy to loose or miss vital information for your company. Even the distinction between useful and unuseful information can become a time consuming work at present day.

Our semantic software, based on natural language processing, will provide you a valid support for the management and distribution of the Company Knowledge.

Thanks to the features of VI.K.I. technology, the base onto which all our software are based, is possible to:

  • Automatically understand the meaning of words and text,
  • Automatic categorization of documents and information,
  • Distribution of information regardless of media channel (documents, email, web pages, voice, database)
  • Semantically Searching for concepts and entities,
  • Automatically add new knowledge to the company asset.

Organization, search, selection, monitoring, correlation: the possibilities offered by our solutions are endless.


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