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The meaning of Information

Our software identifies the right sense from unstructured information


Historically, natural languages understanding has been one of the main difficulties in the relationship between humans and machines: computers infact, aren't able to understand, reason and communicate using our languages.

Technically, a document written in natural language (such as English, Italian, etc.) is defined as "unstructured data", since information contained aren't structured in the "machine way": instead, an example of structured data is an Excel spreadsheet, a database table, an XML document. Basically, in structured data, there is a precise constraint which defines the structure of data (ex. the column of a table) and the value of data (the value of table cell).

The transformation from unstructured to structured data required a considerable effort in terms of resources and men, since only humans were able to understand and to transform unstructured data.

The solution:

Language Analysis

VI.K.I. Technology, thanks to complex mathematical algorithms, performs a deep language analysis of the text: instead of working at a "keyword" level (stemming and matching), it performs a complete grammar and logical analysis of the phrases, being able to identify the subject, predicates, objects and so on.

Semantic and Ontology Analysis

In addition to language analysis, VI.K.I. technology goes one step further: it understands the meaning of the words relating to the context. Thanks to a complex disambiguation process, words are being referenced to the related concept and related to the proper domain. Every domain furthermore, is defined by a specific ontology which describes the conceptual features of the phrase and text.


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