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VIKI Functions


VIKI Technology includes unique functions and API to address each enterprise's unique challenges. VIKI-based products and solutions from SWE further enhance such features and target industry markets horizontally

Based on natural language processing and semantic algorithms, VIKI creates a conceptual graph from unstructured text that enables functions to perform semantic indexing and searching, command understanding and interaction, automatic categorization of contents, insights extraction.


  • Improve your understanding of data: VIKI processes data at a meaning level, thus resolving all the language-specific ambiguities. The enhanced data output from VIKI includes rich metadata information to better understand information.
  • Discover valuable information: there could be implicit relations hidden into your unstructured data. VIKI processing helps you to discover patterns and relations among entities.
  • Automate manual processes: by enabling VIKI automated functions for recognition, categorization and matching, your Company can focus on higher value tasks.



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