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Intelligence and Analytics


Information is Power and VIKI Technology gives you the power to know

Thanks to its semantic algorithms and ontological structure, VIKI Technology enables several advanced features for intelligence analysis.

Manually Inspecting huge amounts of data can be a very time consuming task, even more if the objective is to find implicit relations between entities. Answers to questions such as "WHERE that person met those other entities", "WHO talked to him during the meeting", and so on, will be automatically solved thanks to VIKI advanced text processing.


VIKI Technology supports analysts and knowledge workers during their intelligence cycle, enabling the discovery of information patterns and implicit connections.

VIKI combines superior text analytics and domain ontology capabilities with the ability to process large amounts of unstructured data from documents, multimedia, audio streams, web pages and social networks. By adding the best add-on software components for speech analysis, GEO mapping and advanced visualization systems, VIKI is the most effective intelligence information management solution for both government agencies and corporate analysts.


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