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Semantic Search & Indexing

Find the Information you need with the highest precision degree


VIKI is a semantic technology, this means that you can search information providing concepts (instead of keywords) as input.

Major benefits of this approach are:

  • Cross language queries: whenever you search a concept, VIKI retrieves all the results including your concept, no matter if your contents are written in different languages (English, Italian, etc.). Example: if you ask to find all the documents including the "cat" concept, VIKI will retrieve either english text with "cat" keyword, either italian text with "gatto" keyword, and so on.
  • Synonym expansion queries: it is very common that concepts have several synonyms, infact you can use different keywords to express the same concept (example: fuel, gasoline, etc.). VIKI can perform concept queries with synonyms expansion to retrieve all the results that include ANY of the concept's synonym.
  • Similarity expansion queries: thanks to its semantic structure, VIKI can expand queries by similarities using several dynamic parameters. Based on the ontologies being loaded, you could for example query for results including the city of "New York", and expand the results by including the nearby cities within a range, this is done using a semantic geo-relationship between location concepts.

VIKI also offers traditional operations and search options to enhance the search experience, these include operators such as AND,OR,NOT,NEAR and many more.


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