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Sentiment Analysis Api

Sentiment Analysis: Automatically evaluate sentiment from customer opinions over social media and web sources


VIKI Technology powers customer analytics applications that help organizations leverage the voice of the customer as a business asset

Used by the world’s leading brands, SWE Viki Sentiment platforms set new industry standards for accuracy, scalability and ease of use, making it possible for large-to-mid enterprise organizations to analyze high volumes of customer conversations across multiple channels —including social media, emails, text messages, CRM notes and more— and quickly extract valuable insights to drive business decisions.

Viki Sentiment platforms use the Sentiment Analysis features provided by Viki Core Semantic Analysis Api


  • Search: when searching in the universe of conversations or web pages, it's quite common to find different things or concepts that have the same word (example, "Apple" as a company or "apple" as a fruit). By using the Viki Sentiment Semantic Engine, such ambiguities are solved automatically, since the engine processes text at a conceptual / meaning level. This means: clean and accurate results.
  • Qualitative Analysis: your social analytics cannot be limited to a quantitative analysis (followers count, likes count, occurences count). The automatic analysis of Viki Sentiment Semantic Engine allows a deeper processing of conversations, thus extracting qualitative values such as Sentiment and Reputation. Web sentiment analysis at its best.

Mining the Buzz

Is enough for your organization knowing how many people talk about it? We believe not. That's why we worked hard to develop an advanced platform for buzz/conversation analysis.

Our Semantic Engine will read all conversations related to your keyword and will extract meaningful information, as well as will provide an automatic sentiment score. So yes, your Organization will have the necessary knowledge to understand if:

  • Your brand's reputation is good or not,
  • Your products or services are appreciated, or, whenever not, which are the pros and cons?
  • Your reputation as a person or influencer is good or bad
  • Your Social Campaign and strategic is good or not

Visit our Platforms

Visit and to get in touch with our appliances for social media analysis and automatic web sentiment analysis.

Take a look at our Viki Core Api for Sentiment and Semantic Analysis.


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