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Text Processing

Advanced Text Processing


VIKI Technology enables text processing at the deepest level with full grammar and logical analysis

Natural Language Processing at its best: VIKI performs a complete grammar and logical analysis of the phrases, and identifies the subject, predicates, objects and so on. Text Mining and Data Mining applications will greatly benefit from VIKI-powered extraction features.

Each word is normalized and identified with precision in terms of grammar type, stem, entity type (dates, values, proper nouns, etc.).


  • Data Normalization: transform different ways to express the same data into a normalized object (example: dates)
  • Text cleaning: by removing stop words and punctuation, the result will include only the words that matter and ready to be indexed or processed
  • Phrase identification: VIKI correctly splits and groups phrases and sub-phrases and gives a structured result, thus enabling advanced text processing features such as extracting short resumes from longer texts
  • Text Mining: extract valuable information from unstructured data.


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