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VIKI Technology


Human Languages are not like Computer Languages. Humans put much more information into their Languages and they have different ways and intensity to say the same thing. Up to 90% of data in the World is comprised of unstructured information.

VI.K.I. Technology from SWE is the most advanced technology for human language processing. Through a combination of modern technologies for information processing, knowledge manipulation and disambiguation functions, it is possible for VIKI-powered computers to form a contextual understanding of unstructured text, as well as understand people's interaction with the data. For example, you can extract valuable information from social media data automatically by detecting emerging trends and influencers, using SWE’s advanced sentiment analysis platform (visit Viki Sentiment and Enterprise Viki Sentiment for more).

SWE has built a wide range of products and solutions around VIKI Technology, ranging from semantic document management, command recognition, up to social media analysis. Wether you are a System Integrator working on big data, or a young startup with great ideas, or a professional marketer looking for useful analytics tools, SWE can help you with easy and scalable products.

How does it work?

The "Brain" of VI.K.I. is composed by a group of conceptual networks of more than 5.000.000 nodes, organized into a hierarchical ontology tree. The tree can be dynamically customized by customers. This enormous knowledge repository allows to identify and determine the correct meaning for concepts within texts, starting from morphological, grammatical and logic analysis of the words. The following figure shows some of the information you can extract from a bunch of text:


Natural Language Support

To the current date, VIKI supports English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch languages. More languages will be released in the next future as we have Russian, Arabic and Chinese languages in the development schedule.


VI.K.I. Technology is embeddable into customer's solutions by integrating the VIKI CORE engine API. A full Semantic analysis API, the engine output supports communication standards such as XML and JSON for an easy integration into your projects. For more information, visit VIKI CORE API


Visit the VIKI Functions section for detailed functions specifications.


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